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Privacy Policy

Diesel Power Holland / Privacy Policy

Membership and the use of log files (cookies)

Diesel Power Holland offers free membership to all visitors. In order to establish membership, visitors are requested to provide both personal information and preferences. This information is stored and protected by means of your user-generated Username and Password. Diesel Power Holland remembers you by placing a log file (cookie) which contains only sufficient information to identify you upon return visits. A “cookie” is a small line of text that is stored with your Web browser for record-keeping purposes, and helps Diesel Power Holland provide you with better service. Your browser has options to accept or reject cookies, or to notify you when a cookie is sent.

No information other than that found in the Membership cookie will be accessed by any Diesel Power Holland system. Access to your membership information always requires both your Username and Password.

Diesel Power Holland uses the data collected from Website visitor cookies in aggregate form only and does not collect any personally identifiable information.

OR (depends on whether we still place no log-in / membership on site)

Currently, we do not gather any additional information besides the standard information logging which is processed with a regular website statistics software program.

How Diesel Power Holland will protect your personal information

Diesel Power Holland will always protect the personal information that you share with us. We store information internally in a controlled, secure environment. If Diesel Power Holland requests general demographic information, then the use of this information is restricted to reporting purposes only; members remain anonymous. Phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses are never shared with outside entities for demographic reports.